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Men’s Fashion at GRAMMYs, BAFTAs and BRITs - #fbloggers


I thought I’d recap some of the recent award shows, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged and this one has taken me a while for some reason!

The Grammy’s

I eventually managed to catch up with this years Grammys, it was no surprise to see Daft Punk and Pharrell getting a few awards, I’m a big fan of Random Access Memories. So with one of the most exclusive guest lists around its a great opportunity to…

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Daily Fashion Day 18. Monday, September 23. 

Dressed To Ill.
 ’Style is an opportunity; it’s an opportunity to become something or someone that until that time didn’t exist. Style is also an avenue to create. Through what you wear, whether it’s the colors or pieces you don, you invent walking art that is unique to you.

Life is too short to not love what you wear. That’s why I take every opportunity to be different in my wardrobe. I’ve attempted to push boundaries in my own style to create something that at the very least I find interesting. The most prolific fashion bloggers will post their looks a few times a week. But when I created my blog I never really felt that was genuine. What’s the point of putting your style out there if it’s just a some-of-the-time kind of thing? So when I created dressed to ill, I did so with the caveat that it would be truly me, every outfit, the good with the bad.’ 
 -quoted from his ‘Make Your Style Worthwhile' post on the Details Network.

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I’m kind of excited to be heading back to shanghai for a week! #ralphlauren #polo #simpsons #ralph #style #gq #menswear (#regram from the ever awesome @robertc1970)


Elle Korea

Title: Hotel California

Model: Daniel Heey & Kim Soo Hyun

February 2014

(Source: thewhoreticulturist)

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the-suit-man:waitingondhr:Tom Felton talks about Harry Potter on the Queen……More menswear right here


waitingondhr:Tom Felton talks about Harry Potter on the Queen……

More menswear right here